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The Victorian County Court Facility is privately owned and operated by The Liberty Group. This is under a public private partnership with Court Services Victoria.

The Liberty Group has the opportunity to hire out to third parties, courtrooms that have not been booked by the County Court of Victoria. It is a condition of any third party use of courtrooms that such use is appropriate, as detailed below:

Appropriate uses of Courtrooms in the Facility include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mediations, Conciliations, and Arbitrations.
  • Court, Board, Commission, and Tribunal hearings.
  • Moot Courts or Lectures by educational institutions and professional associations.
  • Business Seminars and Conferences.

Inappropriate uses of Courtrooms in the Facility include, but are not limited to, immoral or illegal purposes; entertainment or gambling; conduct of sporting events; religious gatherings; manufacturing or industrial activities; any other prohibited use listed under the relevant planning scheme; political or quasi-political gatherings; and commercial activities save those contained in appropriate uses above.

Responsibilities of the Licensee

  • To attend the courtroom at all times unless previously agreed with the Licensor’s staff
  • To ensure no attempt is made by persons accessing the courtroom to gain access into any of the secure zones of the Facility (ie judicial, empanelled jury and custodial zones).
  • Not to install electronic or other equipment unless prior approval has been obtained from the Licensor, and not to bring in any dangerous equipment.
  • To advise if any information should be displayed on the public screens.
  • To indemnify the licensor for any loss, damage or injury that may occur as a result of this use.
  • Not to permit smoking within the Court Facility.
  • Not to leave items of value in the courtroom.
  • To make payment by cheque or EFT upon receipt of the TLG Invoice.

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