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Ceremonial Court

The impressive Ceremonial Court is designed to cater for all ceremonial occasions, legal conventions, legal conferences and seminars as well as large trials.
Size: Approx 250 sqm
Total Number Available: 1
Location: Level 3 near Roof Top Garden
Seats: 120

Courtroom Types B & C

These courtroom types are the largest of the criminal trial courtrooms.
Size: Between 150 sqm and 180 sqm
Total Number Available: 4
Location: Levels 3 and 4
Seats: 54

Courtroom Types D, E & F

The D and E Type criminal jury courtrooms are of a similar configuration to the B and C Type courtrooms. The F Type non jury courtrooms are slightly smaller than the D and E Type courtrooms.
Size: Between 90 sqm and 140 sqm
Total Number Available: 32
Location: Ground Floor, and Levels 1, 3 to 9
Seats: 25 – 50

Courtroom Types G & H

These courtrooms are primarily used for civil jury trials.
Size: Between 90 sqm and 110 sqm
Total Number Available: 8
Location: Levels 1 and 2
Seats: 35

Courtroom Types I, J & K

These courtrooms are primarily used for non jury civil matters
and are ideal for intimate hearings.
Size: Between 50 sqm and 90 sqm
Total Number Available: 9
Location: Levels Ground, 1 and 2
Seats: 11-35


All courtrooms have fully integrated technology available, including video conferencing, recording facilities, document cameras and playback of DVD’s, CD’s, videos and audio cassettes.